Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life after Mary Beth...

I knew having a child would change things, but I never imagined exactly how wonderful it would be! Even through all the Drs visits for Mary Beth and for me, things have finally started to slow down. The last update, we were in the hospital with our little glow worm. She was abslutely amazing through the whole experience. She did so well just laying under the lights with her eyes covered and didn't fuss at all! It was harder on Mommy for sure!

While we were in the hospital with her, I started having some trouble breathing and some chest pain, so the nurse on the Peds floor thought I should go to the ER to make sure everything was ok. So, even though I didn't want to leave Mary Beth, Jonathan stayed in the room with her and I went down to the ER. After being there for 4 hours, they finally told me (after many tests) that I had quite a bit of fluid build up on my lungs. They gave me a Lasix to get the fluid off and told me I would be fine. Long story short, the next day the ER called back and said another radiologist had reviewed my x-rays and CT and found something the other didn't and I needed to go see my doctor for a follow up. Needless to say, he told me that before Mary Beth was born I was probably on my way to having pre-eclampsia due to the swelling. He gave me a prescription for lasix and I am finally feeling much much better!

We do have one more Dr appointment on Monday for Mary Beth at a Pediatric Urologist because of the fluid on her kidneys, so we are asking for prayer that it has corrected itself since she has been born. I will update things as soon as we know from that appointment.

Like I said, despite all the unfortunate things that have happened, we are both doing great now and life couldn't be better!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Rebecca, Mary Beth and I were able to come home from the hospital yesterday afternoon, and we spent our first night at home alone. Nana, Pa, Laura, and Ella all went home, and we had a very quiet evening. You don't realize how loud a hospital is until you get home.

Mary Beth didn't sleep well. That means Mama didn't sleep well, either. And that means Daddy didn't sleep well, too. From everyone I've talked to, that's normal, especially for a first night home. Mary Beth started out in her crib, and we had moved her to her papazan chair by midnight. That meant that Rebecca moved to the couch. And Jonathan stayed in bed.

A side note here, Jonathan didn't stay in bed because he's a bad daddy. He registered to take the GMAT on Monday the 22nd so that he could have it out of the way before Mary Beth comes. Well, Mary Beth spoiled that one. So, on about six restless hours of sleep, he scored a 600. That means that he'll most likely start grad school at University of Alabama at Huntsville in January.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...
Rebecca took Mary Beth to her first doctor's appointment this morning while Jonathan was taking the GMAT. The bloodwork came back for Mary Beth about 3:00 and her biliruben count was 19.01. Dr. Parmer wanted to admit her to the hospital to be put under the "glow lights" to help break down the bilirubens. So I'm writing this from Decatur General Hospital, Suite 3. A glowing Mary Beth sends her love to everyone.